Putting power into the hands of our farmers, online or offline

Access to Fund

Unlocking access to credit for smallholder farmers by credit Scoring

Trustworthy Partner

No hidden fees and no registration fee. All of our transactions are transparent and instant

Access to Data

Mobile and web apps to collect and visualize data

Access to Market

Engage thousands of buyers directly, when smallholder farmers produce is ready..

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How it works

Farmers get their FarmWallet

FarmWallet gives smallholder farmers a smart wallet which has their farm and personal details

Make payment and recieve payment

Smallholder farmers can start using their smart wallet to make payment and recieve payment in the Agriculture value chain

Access to the FarmWallet Busia

We learn the spending behaviour of farmers to validate their credit worthiness to get access to laons

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What FarmWallet Does

FarmWallet uses mobile phones, alternative data, blockchain and machine learning to close the critical data gap that prevents financial institutions from lending to creditworthy smallholder farmers..

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  • FarmWallet has change the way we pay and transact business aroung Agriculture, this is Seamless.

    Louise Duke
  • I was getting fed up with the hassle of getting access to loans. Luckily I've now found FarmWallet. Granting me cash on my FarmWallet to grow my Farm.

    Elizabeth Sharu-deen
  • Now I dont have to keep cash on me, all my cash is in my FarmWallet...I can recieve payment or make payment anywhere.

    Toby Owusu